Out for Africa


Thanks for taking the time to visit our project that is not only a passion of mine and my African in-laws but also the right thing to do. Genocide of a species is unacceptable and we can change it.

This site tells you the situation in Africa, our plan and the simple message we all need to promote to affect change.

Globally, what the Elephant and the Rhino need is for as many people as we can reach to know what is happening and to stop supporting the trade in horn and ivory and to put pressure on our governments to support a total ban. As with anything we need social and legislative change.

Abri and I traveled to Kenya with a camera crew and filmed 100 hours of heroic protectors of wildlife. We are in editing and hope to be able to share this journey with you in 2014.

Please contact us with any questions or thoughts on how we can work together to bring this story to as many people as possible.

To also hear or read more about either of us you can also visit our sites:



And please sign this petition to help bring about a true worldwide ban iWorry.

Only together can we possibly do some good.


Kristin and Abri

“Nature’s great masterpiece, an elephant - the only harmless great thing.”

John Donne

English Poet 1572-1631